English-speaking Cancer Support Group, Basel

A cancer diagnosis is a challenge at the best of times. But if you are out of your home country, away from your family and loved ones, and are perhaps experiencing difficulties with the language, it can be even harder to cope with.

In 2000 a group of women who had had breast cancer decided, with help and support from Susi Gaillard at Leben Wie Zuvor, to form an English-speaking support group based in Basel. We are a multi-national group, with a number of different mother tongues, but the link is English.

There are three aspects to what we do. Firstly, we offer practical help and support, in person or by phone, to anyone directly or indirectly affected by cancer. We can visit in hospital or at home, or take you to medical appointments, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. We can help with translation to and from German and French.

Apart from this frontline support role, we also offer a once-monthly daytime meeting for anyone looking for moral support, practical advice and a good cup of tea or coffee. We do not give medical advice but we can lend books and articles by US and UK cancer organisations and can refer you to reputable websites.

The third aspect to our activities involves occasional evening meetings with speakers (from the health professions, industry, research organisations) to talk to our group on diverse topics of interest related to cancer. Husbands and partners often join us for these meetings and are most welcome.

All information is treated in strict confidence. There is no membership fee for joining our group but we ask for a CHF5.- contribution from all those who attend meetings.

If you’d like to know more about the English-speaking Cancer Support Group in Basel, please contact:

Sue Style, Tel. +33 389 07 30 34; E-mail:
Alwyn Hinds Merk, Tel. 061 481 47 67
Lynne Sargeant, Tel. 061 481 03 83; E-mail:

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